Cerberus (Monsters of Mythology)

Hardcover  õ Cerberus PDF/EPUB ´
  • Hardcover
  • 92
  • Cerberus (Monsters of Mythology)
  • Bernard Evslin
  • English
  • 22 June 2018
  • 9781555462437

About the Author: Bernard Evslin

Hardcover õ Cerberus PDF/EPUB ´ cerberus kindle, monsters ebok, mythology book, Cerberus (Monsters of Mythology)Cerberus eBookBernard Evslin was an author best known for his adaptations of Greek mythology With over seventy titles, which include both novel length retellings and short stories, Evslin is one of the most widely published authors of classical mythology in the world His best known work is Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths, which has sold than ten million copies worldwide and has been translat.

Cerberus (Monsters of Mythology)Hardcover õ Cerberus PDF/EPUB ´ cerberus kindle, monsters ebok, mythology book, Cerberus (Monsters of Mythology)Cerberus eBookCerberus Monster Wiki Fandom Cerberus Monsters of Mythology by BernardNotRetrouvez Cerberus Monsters of Mythology by Bernard Evslinet des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasion Cerberus Three Headed Hound of HadesCerberus Legendary Hell Hound of the UnderworldTo the Greeks, Cerberus was a monstrous three headed dog, or hell hound with a serpent s tail, a mane of snakes, and a lion s claws His three heads were thought to represent the past, the present, and the future while other sources Cerberus Monsters of Greek Mythology Google Cerberus was a gigantic dog that guarded the gates of hell This hound was the pet of Hades, lord of the underworld Cerberus was described as a three headed dog with a serpent tail It is also Cerberus Megami Tensei Wiki Fandom.

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10 thoughts on “Cerberus (Monsters of Mythology)

  1. M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews says:

    A solid story in the Bernard Evslin collection and offers us a look in the mind of a monster, which is rare in mythology stories.

  2. Donald Armfield says:

    I have never read anything about mythology creatures. I had a visual of what they looked like from Fianl Fantasy RPGS, but that was all.
    Bernard Evslin paints the picture of their orgins with a great tale. Recommended reading for fun or study.

    Cerberus the guardian of the gates of hell, but not by choice. Has a loveable side, despite the scary look of his three-headed body.

    on page 49 there was some great artwork by Hieronymus Bosch The Musical Inferno. I figured I would share the artwork with you. It may hang on my wall at home oneday.

  3. Jon says:

    Ok, firstly, not as great as Evslin’s others. This was a cute throw away. He was a buddy who loved his human. That was it. It tried to work in the Hecate and Sphinx myths, but no. This was a throw away. Cute to read but overall a bit of a pass over for me.

  4. Tony says:

    Loved this book as a child and I wish they'd reprint it.

  5. Denise says:

    Not just for children! Well told and illustrated with reproductions of great works of art.