The Confession of Faith

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  • The Confession of Faith
  • Philipp Melanchthon
  • 24 May 2018
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About the Author: Philipp Melanchthon

The Confession of Faith PDF/EPUB õ The Confession confession kindle, faith book, The Confession download, The Confession of FaithThe Confession of Faith ePUBPhilipp Melanchthon February April , born Philipp Schwartzerdt, was a German reformer, collaborator with Martin Luther, the first systematic theologian of the Protestant Reformation, intellectual leader of the Lutheran Reformation, and an influential designer of educational systems He stands next to Luther and Calvin as a reformer, theologian, and molder of Protestantism Along with Luther, he is the primary founder of Lutheranism They both denounced what they believed was the exaggerated cult of the saints, asserted justification by faith, and denounced the The Confession MOBI :´ coercion of the conscience in the sacrament of penance by the Catholic Church, that they believed could not offer certainty of salvation Melanchthon made the distinction between law and gospel the central formula for Lutheran evangelical insight By the law , he meant God s requirements both in Old and New Testament the gospel meant the free gift of grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

The Confession of FaithThe Confession of Faith PDF/EPUB õ The Confession confession kindle, faith book, The Confession download, The Confession of FaithThe Confession of Faith ePUBThe Augsburg Confession is the primary confession of faith of the Lutheran Church and one of the most important documents of the Lutheran Reformation The Augsburg Confession was written in both German and Latin and was presented by a number of German rulers and free cities at the Diet of Augsburg onJuneThe Holy Roman Emperor Charles V had called on the Princes and Free Territories in Germany to explain their religious convictions in an attempt to restore religious and political unity in the Holy Roman Empire and The Confession MOBI :´ rally support against the Turkish invasion It is the fourth document contained in the Lutheran Book of Concord.

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10 thoughts on “The Confession of Faith

  1. Dan says:

    Important and well written explanation with great and easy to understand metaphors However in historical context this threw a lot of people under the bus and in a way got a lot of people killed.

  2. Nick says:

    Very helpful for understanding the Reformation.

  3. Josiah Richardson says:

    The Ausburg confession of faith is the Lutheran confession of faith Phillip Melanchthon drafted it and it was later signed by Martin Luther It is separated into 28 articles 21 affirming articles and 7 denying articles Focused on affirming truths about God, His son, Original sin and others As well as denying things like the mass, monasticism, enforced celibacy, etc.

  4. Elijah McArthur says:

    An essential piece of Protestant Evangelical history and a beautiful confession of faith A true must read for any Christian to be cherished and confessed

  5. Otto Lehto says:

    An important historical document the principles of the Reformation argued against 1500 years of accrued Catholic dogma and human habits that, according to Luther and Melancthon, obfuscate the Christian FAITH as opposed to habits, dogma and good works that stands, according to the Protestants, at the very heart of Christianity.

  6. Amy Skillen says:

    Not nearly as heavy or hard as I thought it would be.

  7. Chris Whisonant says:

    This is a great Confession of Faith at the heart of the Reformation Go find it and read it if you haven t.

  8. Ryan Watkins says:

    Good You can start to see the differences between the Lutherans and Reformed start to come out.