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    XXL-Leseprobe - Hagerstown PDF/EPUB Ã XXL-Leseprobe Suchanfragen laufen ins Leere, alle Wege in die Stadt sind gesperrt Einer Gesellschaft, die ganz und gar auf Sicherheit ausgelegt ist, widerf hrt etwas Unerkl rliches Und die Regierung schweigt Die Angst vor dem Ungewissen droht zu Ausschreitungen zwischen den Unver nderten und den gentechnisch modifizierten Eliten zu f hren Anders Jensen und seine Freunde suchen nach Antworten auf die Frage, was wirklich in Hagerstown passiert ist Darf man nicht verpassen io."/>
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  • XXL-Leseprobe - Hagerstown
  • Edward Ashton
  • 22 January 2019
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About the Author: Edward Ashton

XXL-Leseprobe - Hagerstown PDF/EPUB Ã XXL-Leseprobe xxl leseprobe mobile, hagerstown book, XXL-Leseprobe - pdf, XXL-Leseprobe - Hagerstown XXL-Leseprobe - Hagerstown PDF/EPUBEdward Ashton lives with his adorably mopey dog, his inordinately patient wife, and a steadily XXL-Leseprobe - PDF/EPUB or diminishing number of daughters in Rochester, New York, where he studies new cancer therapies by day, and writes about the awful things his research may lead to by night He is the author of Three Days in April, as well as several dozen short stories which have appeared in venues ranging from the newslet.

XXL-Leseprobe - Hagerstown XXL-Leseprobe - Hagerstown PDF/EPUB Ã XXL-Leseprobe xxl leseprobe mobile, hagerstown book, XXL-Leseprobe - pdf, XXL-Leseprobe - Hagerstown XXL-Leseprobe - Hagerstown PDF/EPUBEin Virus l scht eine ganze Stadt aus doch deine Regierung erz hlt dir nicht XXL-Leseprobe - PDF/EPUB or die Wahrheit Ein Video von nur wenigen Sekunden Entsetzlich zugerichtete Leichen liegen auf den Stra en der Kleinstadt Hagerstown Sobald das Video im Netz war, wurde es auch wieder gel scht Alle Suchanfragen laufen ins Leere, alle Wege in die Stadt sind gesperrt Einer Gesellschaft, die ganz und gar auf Sicherheit ausgelegt ist, widerf hrt etwas Unerkl rliches Und die Regierung schweigt Die Angst vor dem Ungewissen droht zu Ausschreitungen zwischen den Unver nderten und den gentechnisch modifizierten Eliten zu f hren Anders Jensen und seine Freunde suchen nach Antworten auf die Frage, was wirklich in Hagerstown passiert ist Darf man nicht verpassen io.

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10 thoughts on “XXL-Leseprobe - Hagerstown

  1. Timothy Ward says:

    Three Days in April by Edward Ashton could be described as the book that brought its futuristic drug giggles to the award ceremony Meanwhile, chemicals in the air are planting tiny bombs inside everyone around them Bombs that are likely to go off before anyone knows they re infected.Three Days in April introduces two of these characters right away, both modified with DNA splicing akin to what may result if Jurassic Park didn t have such a horrific ending to their plans They re still people, though, and the author s ability to show us this in smooth strides alongside showing how their modifications make them far different than we could imagine fascinated me and kept me reading.Three Days in April is one of those rare books that engaged on so many levels that I read it from start to finish without losing any interest His character cast is at times hilarious, often surprisingly smart, definitely human, but also something we ve never seen His plot mixes in the daily life of twenty something hackers and their friends as a terrorist attack begins a holy war between those who are modified and those who aren t He s done his homework on making this technological war appear plausible and lifelike, while also massaging our nerd sensors for what cool gadgets we may get in the future.This book is kind of like how a lazy gamer generation would like to learn about new technology, in a future society where you can get mods to become a Pretty or a Neanderthal, but in a story told for those who enjoy fart jokes and the fun you can have when responsibility doesn t get in the way.Thanks to HarperVoyager for letting me be a part of the Super Readers program and for this review copy This will compete for top read of the year

  2. Laura von Eden says:

    Hagerstown spielt in einem kleinen St dtchen im Osten der USA Es wird zwar keine Jahreszahl genannt, aber dem technischen und wissenschaftlichen Fortschritt kann man entnehmen, dass wir uns in der Zukunft befinden Diese Fortschrittlichkeit zieht sich durch den gesamten Alltag der Figuren, am meisten wird auf die Haus Avatare eingegangen, welche in allen H usern installiert sind und quasi das Hausmanagement bernehmen Die Menschheit hat sich in zwei Lager gespalten, es gibt die Unver nderten, also normale Menschen, und die Ver nderten, die ganz verschiedene k rperliche Ver nderungen, z.B durch Gen Kreuzungen, haben k nnen Noch leben die zwei Gruppen einigerma en harmonisch zusammen, doch das ndert sich nach dem Anschlag in Hagerstown, bei dem pl tzlich eine ganze Stadt ausgel scht wird.Im Buch begleiten wir abwechselnd 4 Charaktere, die wir aber nicht wirklich tiefgr ndig kennen lernen Ich habe im Buch zu keiner Figur wirklichen Zugang gefunden, so dass ich auch oft im Kapitel verwirrt war, wen ich eigentlich gerade begleite Sie waren f r mich einfach nicht greifbar.Den Anfang des Buches fand ich noch recht interessant, aber ich h tte mir mehr Informationen ber diese Welt gew nscht, denn das Thema der genetischen Ver nderung kommt etwas kurz Bereits vor der H lfte fing das Buch an sich zu ziehen und das hielt leider auch bis zum Ende an An sich war der Schreibstil sehr locker und leicht zu lesen, dennoch habe ich einfach nicht bevorzugt zu diesem Buch gegriffen Zwischendrin gab es im Flie text einige Chatprotokolle, die mich auch eher verwirrt haben, da hier die Figuren die ich mir eh schon nicht merken konnte , Pseudonyme benutzt haben Hinzu kamen die vielen computerspezifischen Themen, technische Begriffe etc wer hier etwas bewanderter ist als ich, kann vermutlich mehr mit dem Buch anfangen.So sehr mich also der Klappentext angesprochen hat, so wenig hat mir dann leider die Umsetzung gefallen Wer gerne Sci Fi liest und wissenschaftlich und technisch bewandert ist, der k nnte mich das Buch mal anschauen Rezensionsexemplar

  3. Jon says:

    It s hard not to love being part of the HarperVoyager Super Reader program Free books egalleys in return for honest reviews Yes, it s seriously that simple lol I like to give a little blurb on books that I read anyhow, just in case it helps someone decide to read a book that they would have otherwise avoided, so it s like I m getting free stuff for doing what I already do Win win Anyhow, this particular book is surprisingly good for a first novel Ashton runs us just far enough into the future to have gene splicing and cybernetic enhancements coming into the mainstream, as you can tell by the official synopsis He catapults a group of misfits right into the middle of a war between those who have been changed and those who haven t, the UnAltered While the plot is definitely good and the twist at the end, did not see that coming , it s the little things throughout that really set this apart for me The inside jokes, the character interaction, it all came together so well that I definitely want There s a scene where they re discussing the escalating RAHOWA that really exemplifies what I mean RAHOWA Racial holy war, I say It s Gary s new thing Cataclysmic battle to the death between the Engineered and the UnAltered, Gary says First they came for the cave ladies, and I said nothing, because I was not a cave lady Then they came for the hot waitresses, and I said nothing, because I was not a hot waitress Then they came for the bastard offspring of Mickey Mouse and a seven foot tall transvestite prostitute, and I said nothing, because I was not Anders They came for me, and there was nobody left to speak Charity looks at me and raises on eyebrow I shrug Just wait til you get to this part It s hilarious and deep at the same time, and so is the book If you like your sci fi with meaning and a liberal dose of humor and some action, too then you definitely, definitely need to check this out.

  4. Keith Beasley-Topliffe says:

    Three Days in April is the kind of science fiction book that jumps into a situation and challenges the reader to figure out what the heck is going on That makes almost any information in a review at least spoiler adjacent So here s a minimum It s set in Balti in the not too distant future It s written in first person, but that person changes with each chapter, so watch those chapter headings carefully Some of the characters have genetic, surgical, or electronic mods, all grounds for new kinds of societal divisions hatred If that sounds interesting to you, by all means read this book I jumped in without any warning and, once I caught on, thoroughly enjoyed it There s even a sequel or at least another book set in the same world a little later Haven t read it yet Trying to cut down the TBR pile

  5. Krista (CubicleBlindness Reviews) says:

    This story was amazing I was highly entertained the whole time and loved the constant movement of both the characters and the storyline A techno thriller set in the near future with a focus on mixing of cyborgs, natural humans and those that had alterations done A corporation is trying to hide the events that took place with thousands dying in Hagerstown While hackers and thieves are trying to discover the truth and if there will be deaths The story is told from several perspectives Anders is given a mystery file to analyze and Terry is noticing her avatar is acting unusual Her sister is learning about a new religion and Gary along with his fellow cyber geeks are trying to find deleted information on news feeds to find out if this is the beginning of a war or plague It is a very fast paced story with actions having immediate results and pushing the characters forward to survive I am not a person that is incredibly computer savy and felt that the complex parts of the story were completely understandable and said in a way that did not make me feel lost or stupid I enjoyed this book so much, it is one I am definitely recommending to friends.

  6. Robyn Bennis says:

    This book reminded me of Matt Ruff s writing, in both style and quality Except I don t think even Ruff could pull off a multi pov first person present perspective as good as Three Days in April That s like the Iron Man triathlon of novels, yet this book is executes it so well that it reads as smooth as silk Most readers will never appreciate how difficult this feat is, but they ll still love the quirky characters, the intriguing plot, and the brilliant dialog Highly recommended

  7. Joan Wendland says:

    Brilliant and original with great pacing What a ride

  8. Michele G says:

    I will start by saying that I am not a sci fi fan I generally don t even read books that aren t literary classics Now I will proceed to say that this book is a must read It s simultaneously brilliant, hilarious, and terrifying Ashton s characters speak in clever, sarcastic dialogue that kept me smiling and laughing while I read about the tragedy at the core of the story yes, it s a bit uncomfortable to realize this but his humor is that infectious and his writing is so smart that I did not want to put this down His ability to weave a complex, intriguing story from multiple perspectives is admirable and daunting However, what s most impactful is Ashton s ability to take the utopian advancements we see developing, at an exponential rate, in our everyday lives, and unravel them into a dystopian fiction that doesn t seem all that far off from possibility My experience was similar to the feeling I got when I read A Clockwork Orange and realized that I had slowly but surely learned and began to think in terms of Nadsat, the cult language spoken by the characters throughout the book As I laughed at the witty dialogue, and was entertained by the tragic story of Hagerstown, Ashton was sprinkling in aspects of this fictitious culture that began to make me uncomfortable genetic mouse splicing and pretty modifications, a panopticon run by National Security, people drinking BrainBump to increase serotonin levels, and interactive house avatars that controlled the lights, the locks, and .that did not seem completely implausible Sure, we are not quite living in a Silico American world where people have oculars showing us chat room screens and news feeds right in our eyes, the government doesn t abolish our homes with a two minute warning, and so far we don t have rogue avatars controlling our communication with the outside world, but the idea of a generation of humans that are spliced with chosen modifications to improve their looks, their height, their speed, do not seem as far off of an idea hmmm, I m thinking CRSPR Three Days in April isn t just a techno thriller or speculative fiction Although it is extraordinarily entertaining, and Ashton is an extremely talented writer with a flair for humor and story telling that is difficult to accomplish, let alone master, as he does, but if you also want to read something about human nature, evolution, innovation and dystopia, if you want to read something intelligent, something that shows a future failing against the tried and true nature of humans resistance to accept those who differ from themselves, if you want to read a modern, Braver, Newer World, read this.

  9. John Wolfe says:

    Three Days in April is smart and funny and mind expanding and fun to read From the cross species gene splitting of the first pages to the struggle of the final pages I relaxed into the book with that welcome sense that the author is in control.One tiny comment the book is written from the viewpoint of five or six main characters, but their voices and viewpoints were all so similar that I found myself flipping back to the Table of Contents to remember whose chapter I was in That s not a problem for me, because I have a radically diminished theory of mind, so I tend to assume that everybody sees and narrates the world like I do Also, way to hit that sweet spot with the 3.99 price How do I know it s the sweet spot Because I paid for this book and for two others in the Harper s series.

  10. Suzanne Johnson says:

    Brilliant and creative worldbuilding helps offset a cast of characters who are interesting but not terribly sympathetic A creative, wild ride of a story that leaves you guessing A real genre bender that I d categorize as cyberpunk.