Хан Кене

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  • Hardcover
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  • Хан Кене
  • Iliyas Yessenberlin
  • Russian
  • 14 April 2019
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About the Author: Iliyas Yessenberlin

Hardcover ë Хан Кене PDF ´ Хан ebok, Кене download, Хан КенеХан Кене MOBIIlyas Yesenberlin kazakh the great Kazakh writer The author of a historical trilogy Nomads He was born on January , in Atbasar Akmola regionIn he graduated from the Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute Out the front, badly wounded, in , he returned to KazakhstanUntil he worked in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of KazakhstanIn he served as director of the Kazakh State PhilharmonicRepressed, released in Works in the Ministry of Geology of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, then head of Bersugirskoy mineIn the years a scenario editor of the editorial board of the studio Kazakhfilm until the editor Kazgoslitizdata to Director, Zhazushy , then secretary of the Union of Writers of KazakhstanSince , Yesenberlin published collections of poetry and poems Later tried his hand at drama the play The struggle in the mountains is placed in the National Youth Theatre Translates from Russian into Kazakh KDUshinsky works Wrote a number of socialist realist novels Fight , Dangerous Crossing , Loving another translation of Love , The Golden Bird , Cover me with his shield, Mangystau Front , Golden Horses wake up In he wrote a historical novel, Khan Kene, in Charmed sword , in Despair Combined in a trilogy of novels Nomads , covering events in the Kazakh steppe from the XV to the middle of the XIX century the formation of the Kazakh people, complicated relationship with Dzungaria, China, Khiva, Bukhara, the Russian Empire For explanation of this trilogy filmed the movie NomadLater, the writer wrote the trilogy Golden Horde , consisting of the novels Shestiglavy Aydahar, Six goals Aydahara and Death Aydahara Writer s books have been translated into many languages and published in millions of copies Historical novels Esenberlin is a significant event in the culture of KazakhstanC in was on the creative work He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, Badge of Honor , the sixteen medals, including For Military Merit and For the Defense of Leningrad , laureate of the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR In Almaty, the name Esenberlin named the street, at the house where he lived, a memorial plaque.

Хан КенеHardcover ë Хан Кене PDF ´ Хан ebok, Кене download, Хан КенеХан Кене MOBIDer dritte Teil der Roman Trilogie Nomaden handelt von einem Mann, der beab sich tigt, Kasach stan von Russ land abzu spalten und allei niger Herr scher der Steppe zu werden Kenesary Kasymov gelang es, viele Batyre von hohem Stand und verwandte Tureh um sich zu scharen Sie waren ihm absolut ergeben Und hinter jedem Batyr oder Tureh stand ein gro er Aul oder ein ganzer Stamm Mit jedem Jahr wurden Kenesarys ber f lle blutiger Kasy movs Kampf um die Macht fiel mit dem ewigen Kampf des Volkes um Unab h n gig keit zusammen Dieser Krieg dauerte etwaJahrewurde Kenessary zum Khan aller Kasa chen ausge rufen Nachdem er die Macht erlangt hatte, wendete sich das Blatt Es trat die Zeit des Despo tismus ein, wohin solche Gescheh nisse unwei ger lich immer f hren Was zu Beginn zur eigenen Vertei di gung und zum eigenen Schutz gedacht war, nderte sich sehr schnell.

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