The Other Door (Free Ebook)

The Other Door Kindle ☆ The Other  MOBI :´
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  • The Other Door (Free Ebook)
  • Kanti W. Janis
  • English
  • 11 May 2019
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About the Author: Kanti W. Janis

The Other Door Kindle ☆ The Other MOBI :´ other ebok, door epub, free ebok, ebook mobile, The Other download, The Other Door (Free Ebook)The Other Door PDFKANTI W JANIS is an Indonesian born writer In , she obtained her bachelor of law in International Law from Atmajaya University, Jakarta The following year she earned her LLM degree in International Law and Law of International Organization from Groningen University, The Netherlands Kanti attended a creative writing summer course at Oxford University in Although she has law degrees, writing has always been her first love Therefore in she encouraged herself to publish her first novel, and since she established her own publishing house, The Other MOBI :´ Optimist www optimist plus twitter kantiwjaniskanti optimist plus.

The Other Door (Free Ebook)The Other Door Kindle ☆ The Other MOBI :´ other ebok, door epub, free ebok, ebook mobile, The Other download, The Other Door (Free Ebook)The Other Door PDFThe Other DoorThis is a story about Ayu a young Indonesian girl She accidentally burns down her entire neighborhood in the narrow ally of Jakarta Her parents send her to a relative in Vietnam to avoid the angry mob In Vietnam she lives with her father s old friend That uncle the way she addresses him lives a very modest life, but one day that uncle asks Ayu to give up her eyes Horrified by that uncle s request, Ayu run away from his house She tries to The Other MOBI :´ live on her own, and life seems to get better for a while, until somebody accusses her of being a thief Now she is a fugitive hiding in a small room Her room has direct access to the bathroom, but in that bathroom there s another door linked to someone s room, and another story has begun.

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10 thoughts on “The Other Door (Free Ebook)

  1. Anna Kubicheva says:

    A touching story about a misfortunate girl who gets rewarded for having a good soul Events are lively described and are very easy to imagine, so reading the book is like watching a short movie.Quite intriguing, this other door Enjoy your reading.

  2. Donda says:

    It is truly a wonderful book that will make you cry and laugh I m now hooked and waiting for Kanti s next book with anticipation.

  3. Emm & Lian says:

    AWESOME book it s really touching n makes you excited about the circumstances that happen to the character in the story..on a scale from 1 to 10 i d give it 1000

  4. Dias Wuri says:

    Gorgeously engaging in the most, beautifully simple way By the way, my good friend wrote it I m so proud Read it, folks, you can download it for free.

  5. Isabella says:

    It s an amazing story I recommend it to everyone that wants to know how bad luck can happen and you re sent away only to come back to where you was to find you re not guilty for that bad luck.

  6. Debs says:

    The story is so sad I have been to HCMC and I could imagine my self standing near by the park.I enjoyed this short story although I could immediately picture the end of the story from the beginning of the paragraphs A happy ending story with a typical fairy tale in Indonesian soaps.PS I grown up in Java Family name is not common in Javanese tradition, it is usually for a wealthy family

  7. Marina says:

    it is obviously dark angst story about a young woman who lived in vietnam and her journey to live in the street the story line is looks in a rush mode an author looks like want to finish the story immediately i can t enjoy to read this piece. so i choose to give 2.2 of 5 stars for this novels