The Odalisque

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  • The Odalisque
  • Richard Manton
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  • 17 August 2019
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About the Author: Richard Manton

Paperback ç The Odalisque eBook ´ odalisque mobile, The OdalisqueThe Odalisque KindleThe pseudonym Richard Manton first appeared in print in the early s on spanking stories published in Janus Magazine Shortly after in Grove Press began issuing the Grove Press Victorian Library, many of which were authored by MantonThe most marked characteristic of Manton s work is that he used the same female characters repeatedly in different novels, no matter the setting or situation, eg Elaine Cox, Cara Jolly, Noreen It is this use of the same female characters that has lead researchers to believe that the author behind the Manton name is Donald ThomasIn the mid s Thomas wrote several crime novels under the name Francis Selwyn While these are not erotica, several of Manton s characters appear in them with the exact same names and characteristics as in the Manton books There are some instances of corporal punishment in the novels as wellExcellent overview of Manton s biblio at this link.

The OdalisquePaperback ç The Odalisque eBook ´ odalisque mobile, The OdalisqueThe Odalisque KindleIn the high noon of Victorian empire, Lady Jenny Langham accompanies her soldier uncle to the city of Khartoum on the Nile The inhabitants of that city are soon besieged by an army of natives, and Jenny and her maid fall into the hands of the victorious Mahdi Bedslaves of the warriors and gentle lovers of each other, the women are enveloped by punishment and pleasure in the long hot months of erotic captivity.

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