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  • My Novel Affair
  • Sinara Ellis
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  • 18 January 2019
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About the Author: Sinara Ellis

My Novel Affair eBook ☆ My Novel ePUB ´ novel kindle, affair ebok, My Novel kindle, My Novel Affair My Novel Affair PDFPen Name of.

My Novel Affair My Novel Affair eBook ☆ My Novel ePUB ´ novel kindle, affair ebok, My Novel kindle, My Novel Affair My Novel Affair PDFTo Do ListKill Casey LattimerLet Larry destroy Gary, once and for allFeed my great white shark and sand trap serpentFall in love with someone who isn t insensitive My Novel ePUB ´ and self absorbedFind the Holy Grail of orgasmsFine, I ll be seriousMy Actual To Do listBuy ice cream, and find a real happy ending, outside of my own imagination.

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10 thoughts on “My Novel Affair

  1. Tammy says:

    Book Summary To Do List Kill Casey Lattimer Let Larry destroy Gary, once and for all Feed my great white shark and sand trap serpent Fall in love with someone who isn t insensitive and self absorbed Find the Holy Grail of orgasms Fine, I ll be serious My Actual To Do list Buy ice cream, and find a real happy ending, outside of my own imagination I have to start by saying that the book summary does not do this original story justice When I started My Novel Affair I expected a regular Chick Lit style read Well, it is great Chick Lit but so much fun and so very clever.OK, try and stay with me here Sinara Ellis is the author of The Detective Lattimer Series which contains six installments thus far Sinara Ellis is also the main character in My Novel Affair Sinara is tired of Detective Casey Lattimer who is the main character in her popular Detective Lattimer Series Casey gets all the attention She is tough, sexy, gritty and sexually free She has all the fun and pays no emotional price for it Sinara, however, never sees her golf playing, insensitive, no sexual talent husband who also happens to be her editor His only apparent interest in Sinara is whether she is meeting her deadline on the next Lattimer installment How else can he golf at all the exclusive courses Dreadfully fed up with her Lattimer Series, Sinara considers killing her off but knows that her agent and her husband will cause trouble.On a book tour, Sinara finds a Bodice Ripper Romance and decides that is what she really wants To write a funny, passionate romance Enter Alexis Perry The main Character of Sinara s next bookand also a main character in this one as well.What follows is a rip roaring adventure of two, or is it three , women looking to find romance and a slice of life to make them excited again To refresh their careers and renew themselves I was enchanted and entertained This story switches seamlessly between Sinara and Alexis I could not wait to see how it would end and I have become a huge fan of Sinara Ellis in the process Both of them

  2. Sue Owen says:

    This is one of the entertaining books that I have come across I loved reading this from beginning to end The story was great and the way the author handled the transition from real life to fantasy was perfect I laughed out loud in several places and just found the whole concept of writing about writing so intriguing that I just couldn t put it down Why didn t I think of this I don t think it was quite fair of Ellis to publish this as a romance It could just as easily been an autobiography but it was so well written that I m glad she did it this way because I wouldn t have read it had it been a bio and I m very glad I did read it.I highly recommend this book because of the unique writing style and excellent story line It s almost like reading two books at once I cried and empathized with the main character or should I say characters many times and had a great time doing it.

  3. Jacqueline Hopkins says:

    If you like to laugh while reading about an author who is having problems in her own life while trying to decide if she wants to continue with her murder mystery series or write in a totally different genre, then this is the book for you You will laugh and I think you will cry when you read about how she decides to write a romantic comedy instead of finishing her murder mystery series and what to do about a husband who is one we d all like to kick out on the streets while trying to please placate her agent I read this book as a beta reader It was fabulous and a fun treat to read.

  4. Publishsavvy says:

    What can I say about this book that hasn t already been said Amazing and full characterizations, with very quotable oneliners that will make you laugh out loud A great layered story within a story premise which could get confusing with another less experienced writer but is very well done and keeps the reader guessing.

  5. Heather Nestleroad says:

    I spent my day reading My Novel Affair yesterday I read until just after midnight, when I decided I really should get some sleep I picked it up and finished it this morning It was a quick, fun read and I was laughing out loud and sshhing myself for being too loud with people sleeping in the house I loved the characters in this book and I will be looking for from this author.

  6. Red Haircrow says:

    This is one of those cases that considering the reviewer s reading preferences and profile can be really important in submitting a work for their view I thought the story sounded like a really good premise but it is a genre I very rarely read because my preferences are strongly elsewhere Also humor is can be really individual, and reading about the idiosyncrasies inside an American woman s head and her search for a perfect orgasm, among other things, have little interest for me.My Novel Affair is well written, fast paced with tons of energy and a palpable likeability factor, and believe it or not, formatting and font choices are important for me visually, and I must say the book looked terrific, flat out People who like the genre or similar would no doubt find it entertaining, but 9 10ths of it was TMI of a certain kind for me.Reviewed at Flying With Red Haircrow

  7. Kim (Wistfulskimmies Book Reviews) says:

    Let me start by issuing a warning This book is screamingly funny It should come with a disclaimer Warning This book may induce instantaneous bouts of out loud mirth Take care reading in public places I was reading this on the bus and I got some very funny looks, I can tell you The idea of a story within a story is refreshing one and works very well The characters are larger than life and vibrant The juxtaposition of the story within the story and the real life element was very skilfully and cleverly done.My hats off to the author for she has pulled off another winner I loved and enjoyed this and hope that everyone else reading it enjoys it as much as I did

  8. Aimee Seligstein says:

    I guess enjoyed this book while reading it, but by the end, i was left feeling blah The story within the story is terrible The character is unlikable and unbelievable For both heroines though, the endings are just too perfect and don t ring true.