Hardcover  ç Avenger eBook ´
  • Hardcover
  • 272
  • Avenger
  • Andy McNab
  • English
  • 06 April 2019
  • 9780399246852

About the Author: Andy McNab

Hardcover ç Avenger eBook ´ avenger book, AvengerAvenger eBookAndy McNab joined the infantry in as a boy soldier In he was badged as a member of SAS Regiment He served in B Squadron SAS for ten years and worked on both covert and overt special operations worldwide, including anti terrorist and anti drug operations in the Middle and Far East, South and Central America and Northern IrelandTrained as a specialist in counter terrorism, prime t.

AvengerHardcover ç Avenger eBook ´ avenger book, AvengerAvenger eBookDanny and Elena are now working for the Firm, desperately attempting to track down the vengeance seeking Black Star before Angels of Death suicide bombers are despatched Elena is the key to discovering the bomb master s whereabouts as she has already made Deep Web contact The plan is simple locate Black Star and kill him at whatever costWhile Fergus is forced to remain in England, confined to a wheelchair as he recovers from his injuries, the hunt takes Danny and Elena to New York on a covert mission led by Marcie DeverauxDespite Black Star s trickery and deception, the net gradually closes Fergus travels to the US to help, but Elena is drawn into terrible danger, and only Danny can save her Using the skills his grandfather has taught him and his own initiative, he must stop the avenging bomb master from wreaking further destruction.

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10 thoughts on “Avenger

  1. Josh says:

    AuthorThe author of my book is Andy Mcnab He has written Dozens of books Some examples of book that he has written are Traitor, Street Soldier, Zero Hour, Fortress, War Torn and dozens Andy Mcnab has 3 awards Those 3 awards being the Order of the British Empire, The Distinguished Conduct Medal, and a Military Medal A couple of the books he has written are a series such as Traitor and Avenger Traitor was written by Andy Mcnab alone, and Avenger was co written alongside another author GenreThis book is a fiction thriller It is about a man named Charles that loses his son in the attacks of 9 11, so he tries to get revenge on the people that got his son killed He devotes the rest of his life to avenging his son Hence the name Avenger I think that this book was written for an older audience It has some pretty bad things written into the book I would NOT recommend this book for younger children as it may give the children bad thoughts or ideas.TitleThe title of this book is a one word summary of the book The book s title is Avenger and in the book a man loses his son in the attacks of 9 11 After the death of his son he takes it upon himself to avenge his son and kill the people that are responsible for his son s death Hence the name Avenger So yes the title does match the book well, and if I had the chance to change it then I would just keep it the same.IntroductionYes actually the author provides backgrounds of all the main characters in the book It provides where the Characters are from and what has happened to them The author even gives us their age and their height The author even gives us a physical description of the characters The author also gives a SITREP at the very beginning of the book.CharactersThe main characters in the story are Elena Omolodon, Fergus Watts, And Danny Watts They affect the story because they are the main characters These are the characters that the book follows throughout its entirety The book is telling these characters stories These characters are the protagonists ThemeThe theme of this book is very effective The theme just shows the kind of situation the characters are in It gives you a feeling of what the characters are going through The theme helps you to understand what the setting is in the book The theme of the book gives you what kind of feelings you should have while reading it My Opinion Overall, I thought that Avenger was a pretty good book The book starts off a little slow but the further you get into it the better it gets The further you read the action packed it gets The characters seem like they match the overall tone and story of the book perfectly Most everything in this book is spot on I would give this book a 3 out of 5 stars rating.

  2. Khadija Zahra says:

    It was such a freaking great series but this book ended so horribly that I cannot even think about picking up the next one.It took me over two hours to calm myself down but overall I loved it and hated it too.This seems like the most controversial review ever

  3. Morgan J says:

    The book is exiting and good to read however it s quite hard to understand some certain words

  4. dylan king says:

    A good book

  5. Peter says:

    It was a OK read.

  6. Long Williams says:

    Not bad, not good Just another Saturday matinee story Story is good but the writing is still not up to par Never been a fan of co authors.

  7. HARRY Cullen says:

    The ending was not expected

  8. N says:

    I expected this novel, a teen spin on the typical Andy McNab SAS thriller, to be mediocre and it was, but in a different way than I d anticipated.Far from being all action, no substance , Avenger is strangely lacking in action The beginning is slow, and when McNab and Rigby finally crank up their story to its climax wherein two teenagers execute a military sting to stop uber villain, Black Star, who s been grooming young people to become suicide bombers it feels insubstantial To even reach this point in the story requires massive leaps of suspension of disbelief I ll swallow the improbable use of real kids in the sting operation, but Black Star s motivations are illogical to an extreme After losing his son in 9 11, he channels his grief and anger into encouraging exactly the kind of suicide bombers who killed his son I what Crucially missing from the story, of course, is any discussion of fundamentalist religion, which is the real reason that kids around the world are blowing themselves up In Avenger, the kids in question are just sad, angry and misunderstood.Better characters might have successfully propped up the novel, but alas, even Danny, the novel s apparent boy hero, is a bit of a pitiful sideline character who scarcely makes an emotional impact The novel is mainly staffed with exactly the kind of stuffy and or scheming adult characters that I would have thought teen readers would be turned off by.Although only published a couple of years ago, the technology references already feel dated An iPod Shuffle is referred to as the smallest music player available, when everybody knows that a it is designed to be used in conjunction with an iPod, not separately, and b by 2006, it had already be ousted by the iPod Nano.The descriptions of New York City could have been written by anyone who had only ever seen a postcard of the place, and the attempts by the authors to mimic an American accent are cringeworthy at best Do Americans ever say terrific For that matter, does anyone but Del Boy say ever terrific I suppose the most complimentary thing I can say about Avenger is I finished reading it So there we are If you set the bar for fiction at readable , this passes Just.

  9. Catie says:

    The third in the series featuring British teen Danny Watts, and his former SAS officer grandfather, Fergus In this book, Danny, Fergus and friend Elena are trying to track a terrorist This terrorist has been recruiting teens to act as suicide bombers all over the world, and now Elena has managed to contact him The only problem M 16 the British version of the FBI is not particularly happy with them after their previous run ins with the law, so if they all want to come out alive, they have to watch their backs Add in some explosives, some spy talk and training, and the Watts family independent streak and you have a very realistic teen spy novel I enjoyed this book after I got into it Not having read the prequels, it took me some time to begin to know the characters, and even then I was dissatisfied with the character building, which would have added so much to the book As it stands, however, this may be the best spy book I have read for kids One of the co authors is Andy McNab, who is a legit and highly decorated soldier in the British Armed Forces so much so that his picture is in shadow on the back cover The spy language used is both distinctly British and to me seems authentic , and the situation is well written even I did not see that last bit coming So this is a book that would appeal to boys and is completely free of sex and alcohol, who knew and yet still held my attention Definitely a book to recommend to older readers, who can grasp the politics and handle the violence and who will not try to make a bomb with this book as a guide.

  10. Kahurangi Morehu says:

    Book Review on Avenger by Andy Mcnab and Robert RigbyAvenger is a thrilling and exciting book When Danny, Elena and Fergus go on a special assignment to take down an evil tech mastermind The tech mastermind named himself Black Star He has been leading worldwide teenager bomb threats and thinks he will never get caught I liked this book because it was action packed and there were many things that were exciting in it such as bombings, people shooting each other and how they planed their moves I really like these sorts of books because I enjoy reading about war and how they end up finding the bad guy.There were no parts in this story that I did not enjoy because every page had something new for me to read My favourite character was the bad guy Black Star because he had a lot of awesome moves that he done on Danny, Devereaux and Fergus that they did not understand He also knew what he was doing because he had done it many times before Devereaux thought that she could find a tech mastermind as good as Black Star, but they were all just too amateur for him.All in all I enjoyed reading this book and I recommend that you read it.From Kahurangi Morehu